ThermiRF Singapore

Discovering a new level of Aesthetic Perfection

Temperature Controlled Radio Frequency

ThermiRF is the first FDA cleared aesthetic device which employs temperature controlled radio frequency. For the first time, cosmetic physicians are now able to treat a variety of aesthetic soft tissue and nerve conditions by applying the “Science of Heat” using temperature as a clinical end point.

The Science of Heat

Accurately providing tissues with the precise temperature it requires. Being able to regulate temperatures created unique ways for multiple patient applications, including facial & body skin tightening, relaxation of the nerves, under-arm sweat, frown lines and wrinkles, and much more.

Safety, an Achieved Priority

Real-time Surface Monitoring

Real-time Surface Monitoring

State-of-the-art temperature monitoring systems have allowed ThermiRF treatments to be extremely safe. Empowering physicians the confidence to provide excellent treatments.

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